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​Urban Gardener is a video series dedicated to exploring some of the most interesting city green spaces and meeting some of the most creative urban gardeners around the US, featuring host Denton Tarver of ViewPoints Design, this series is produced by SPACES - a YouTube original Home + Design channel. 

Urban Gardener

Exploring urban landscape design in and around New York City

Brooklyn Backyard Jungle

3 Neighbors Create a Huge Hidden Urban Garden

Tiny Williamsburg Hipster Garden

How to Compost a Green Garden

Crazy Courtyard Sculpture Garden

Indoor Office Garden

Humus Rooftop Garden

The Real Jungle Restaurant

Make Ugly Walls Disappear

An Outdoor Atrium Where an Indoor Room Used To Be

A Front Yard in Manhattan

Awesome Williamsburg Rooftop Garden

How to Plan an Urban Garden

Horticulturally Hip Rooftop Garden

20 Square Foot Urban Garden

Tips From a Community of Urban Gardeners

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